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March 26, 2013

trois années

Anniversary this week. Yay! These roses are from someone
else's wedding but they are quite pretty. I was testing out
my dad's old Minolta using the "carry it around and shoot
random things" method.

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March 23, 2013

sugar bowl stadium

sugar bowl stadium

sugar bowl stadium

Destruction. It seems relevant now that a new Tulane Stadium is going up. I have a few more scans from the same roll.

Clay's grandfather took these. The contact print that went with the negatives is dated April 1980. I'm not sure these were ever printed, as I found the negatives and no prints a year or two ago. I printed the second one (I think) some time back.

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March 07, 2013

costumed revelers

These people, with the silent film costumes, were so well done.
If you know these two, please send them my way?

Fixtures of my childhood. Because I come from the kind of
family that loves heckling people.

There are always a few of these people wandering the quarter
on Mardi Gras, and they always look great.

I think this needs no explanation.

Escape from Carnival. Once again, I don't have very good pictures
of that giant trojan horse contraption. Or any of the guy running
a large-format camera out front of Mimi's. Then again, the point
is to go out and enjoy the holiday.

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parade floats

Krewe d'Etat takes on the new Tulane Stadium. Along the side,
there's a caption saying "Where is everybody? My guess is Bruno's."

Also somewhat surprisingly, Ignatius J. Romney as well.

This one, of course, is a no-brainer.

We live near Endymion now, and I saw the parade in mid-city for
the first time since 2004. Last time before that was 1991. They
like long floats in this here parade...

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